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M/M, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
[22 Pages / 6,800 Words]

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Jason may be a lot of things (stubborn, arrogant, occasionally oblivious), but he's got no delusions about his hopeless and long-secret infatuation with his best friend. The night he tells Max the truth, Jason worries his confession will ruin everything.

But he should know better than to underestimate Max. Maybe his crush isn't so hopeless after all.


Gradually Max recovered himself, getting his breathing back under control and returning his attention to Jason's insistent hard-on. He reached forward this time, pushing Jason's hand away so he could wrap his own fingers around hot flesh. His heart pounded quick and loud in his own ears. He was eager and curious, desperate to see this through.

It was almost too intense, the weight and feel of it, the hard heat of Jason's cock against his palm. Max drew a deep breath and again took Jason into his mouth.

The uneven rhythm he found was messy and unfamiliar. He thrilled at the slick taste of Jason overtaking his senses, the surreal weight across his tongue as Max worked his hand in time with his mouth, squeezing and stroking. His efforts elicited gasps and stifled groans that urged him on with growing confidence. He didn't try to take Jason all the way down again, at least not at first. When he did try, it was in answer to the momentary tightening of Jason's fingers against his scalp. Deliberate. A challenge Max found himself helpless to ignore.

Max paused with the head of Jason's cock bumping his soft palate. He waited pointedly through a long moment of stillness, drawing a slow breath as he and Jason gauged each other carefully. Then, with the hand still braced on Jason's thigh, Max gave a soft squeeze of encouragement.

Jason pushed him down slowly. He guided Max farther along the length of his cock until, again, the head was a nudging, uncomfortable presence at the back of Max's throat. But he was expecting it this time. And maybe it was instinct, maybe it was luck, but this time he relaxed his throat the best he could, and when Jason pressed more firmly—when his length slipped down Max's throat—this time Max took him smoothly down.

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Anticipation Cover
Cover design by Yolande Kleinn
ISBN 978-1-946316-04-2
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